Are You Dreaming Right Now?

Are You Dreaming Right Now?

How do you know that you're not dreaming right now? Life is such a mystery. And full of illusions. What we think we see is not the full picture and that's across the board on every level.

We see colors, but each color corresponds to a certain wavelength of light in the

light spectrum

Electromagnetic Spectrum. Our eyes, can only see a small range of these wavelengths. There's so much more out there that we are not seeing.


Could you be dreaming that you're reading a blog post?


We cannot hear every sound. Human hearing is not sensitive to all frequencies: it simply doesn't pick up very low or very high tones. Our ability to hear sounds also changes with age.



Did you hear that? Someone whispered your name. Someone whispered something! I heard it! Did you? Maybe you didn't because right now you're asleep and you're dreaming? 







tidal qave of emotion


 Regarding emotions: have you ever had the experience of being overcome by several at a time OR was overtaken by one amazingly intense emotion? Have you seen a person who couldn't express ANY?! They're emotionally dead!?

 Perhaps you can't find the "right" emotions right now because...maybe you're dreaming?



All across the board on many levels, on all spectrums we are missing a lot of information. This world isn't what it appears to be.

Kinda like a dream!

In a dream strange people come and go at random. Animals talk to you. You visit galaxies and planets and none of this seems weird. When it does and you question the situation then you are aware that you are dreaming. We call that Lucid Dreaming! At that point you have 3 options:

  1. Agree- just fall back into agreement with the dream
  2. Wake up-and have an emotional response about it in this Realm.
  3. Change it up-make a decision, while in the dream that you're in control.
Maybe you're dreaming right now?


If your life isn't in alignment with what you envisioned for yourself you have the same 3 options:


    1. Agree- just fall back into agreement with life
    2. Wake up -have an emotional response about it in the next Realm (this means you'll have to die).
    3. Change it up-make a decision, while in this life that you're in control and start changing some *ish around. Start moving some tables and chairs in this bitch! Make some noise! 

Eventually, you're going to wake up in the next Realm. We all will. But when you get over there what will your emotional response to be:

"Thank god that's over! I hated that experience!"


"Man, that was a great life! I wanna do that again!"

Are you dreaming right now?


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