An Explanation of Chakras for Christians

There are so many questions regarding chakras.  I decided to write a post that will give a brief, but thorough explanation, because Christians often ask me, “What are Chakras?”

I’ve already addressed the other two common questions that I get from Christians, Are Chakras in the Bible? and Is There Medical Proof That Chakras Exist? If you haven’t read those articles you can by clicking the link.

So, what are chakras? Chakras are centers in the body that circulates energy.

Your heart circulates blood.
Your lungs circulates oxygen.
Your pancreas circulates enzymes and blood sugar.
Your chakras circulates energy.

This energy helps the body to function properly; from the regulation of your organs, your immune system, to your emotions. This energy that flows through your body keeps you balanced mentally, emotionally, physically & spiritually.




Many Christians get hung-up on the word "Energy". If it’s not flesh and blood Christians would prefer you use the word Spirit or Spirit of God.

However, when you go in for an EKG, MKG or an MRI those machines aren’t measuring the Spirit of God. They are measuring the electrical fields, the energetic fields of different body parts. 

And each body part produces different electromagnetic frequencies. According to the latest studies by HeartMath the heart produces an electromagnetic field that is 400 times stronger than the brain.

We are a vibrating energy that has coalesced into matter that we call a physical body.


The 7 main chakras run along the spinal cord to pull in and disperse energy. If a chakra is not functioning efficiently, ie., it’s blocked, than it can cause emotional, mental or physical illness. Ancient cultures that taught this energetic system also included other methodologies like acupuncture, yoga, tai chi, tantra, mantras, etc, to aid in the flow of energy through the chakras. 

Now technology and medicine has validated the traditional teachings of the eastern cultures.

Below are some images that I created to help you better understand how to know if your chakra is blocked? 

Root Chakra -is located at the base of the spine

root chakra explained for christians

 Sacral Chakra - is located just below the navel

 Sacral charka explained for Christians

Solar Plexus - is located 3 inches above the navel 

Solar plexus explained for Christians
Heart Chakra - is at the center of the chest
Heart charka explained for Christians

Throat Chakra - is located in the throat

Throat charka explained for Christians

Third Eye - is located in between the two eyes
Third eye Charka explained for Christians
Crown Chakra - is located at the top of the head

Crowned Charka explained for Christians

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