Are Chakras in the Bible?

Are Chakras in the Bible?

Okay let's get to the point: Chakras are not found anywhere in the Bible. No matter how you twist the scripture you can't find it in the Bible. I've read the ENTIRE Bible many times. I've searched for a way to explain chakras from a Biblical perspective. I've gone to seminary school-briefly. When they started giving me "pat Christian answers" for my philosophical questions I bounced. Later I realized I needed a metaphysical university. Which I'm currently attending and working on my Ph.D. 

Chakras are not in the Bible. But that doesn't mean they don't exist.  Bacteria, Viruses and Cancer aren't in the Bible either but we deal with them every day. Slavery is in the Bible and we ALL know that is wrong.

could have banned slavery

So no, Chakras aren't in the Bible. The concept of chakras is  based  on an understanding of the human body that is found in early Hinduism. The Eastern cultures had an understanding about the energy of the body thousands of years before Western medicine was born.

One concept that Eastern culture understood was that the physical body is the part that we actually SEE but it extends beyond our perception. The physical body has an aura around it that has several layers to it. This is very similar to the protective electromagnetic field surrounding the planet. Something scientists discovered recently.

electromagnetic field around the earth         electromagnetic field around a human

According to NASA, the earth's electromagnetic field is generated by it's solid inner core. According to HeartMath research, your heart is your inner core and emanates energy beyond your physical body, into your Energetic Body.

This is the reason you can FEEL the presence of someone in the room, before you can see them. This is the reason a psychic or spiritual person can READ you or a medical intuitive can diagnose you. This is why we greet each other with a kiss, handshake or hug. It gives us a chance to read or feel each other out. Many times children are sensing the energetic body of a person. They will cry and refuse to be held by a people who held them just one week ago.

What does this have to do with the chakra and why isn't it in the Bible? 

This magnetic energy that you FEEL when interacting with other people comes from their Energy System. We have a circulatory system, a reproductive system, a respiratory system, etc, they are all dependent and independent of one another. But one thing they all need is energy. Magnetic energy permeates everything in our universe, from the vast reaches of outer space to each microscopic cell in your body. 

The Chakras are believed to be the generator and distributor of that energy.

The Sanskrit definition of chakra is “wheel,” or “turning.” Chakras are thought to spin and release vital energy, or life force, throughout the body. They sit alone the spinal column distributing Energy along your spinal column, to glands, organs throughout your nervousystem and on to major networks of arteries and veins. This Energy will emanate beyond your physical body and spill into your magnetic field. 

There have been counts of 114 chakras but 7 main ones actually tie into the 7 major organs.

  1. Pituitary - crown 

  2. Pineal -brow

  3. Thyroid - throat

  4. Thymus - heart

  5. Pancreas - solar plexus

  6. Ovaries/Testes - sacral 

  7. Adrenals – root


In my next post we'll look at the scientific and medical proof of Chakras



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