What Is The Third Eye

What Is The Third Eye

If you go to ANY black church of ANY denomination, and walk to the altar for prayer someone will anoint your forehead area with oil; or are they really anointing your third eye? What is the third eye you say?

Anointing the third eye in church


Everyone has a pineal gland.  It is part of the endocrine system and located in the mid-line of the brain. It has the same wiring as your physical eyes and even has retinal tissue. This is why it is referred to as the third eye. This gland is shaped like a pinecone and is responsible for detecting light and darkness in the environment. It will produce and secrete melatonin accordingly.

Another reason the pineal gland is called the Third Eye is because it produces the chemical known as DMT, (N-Dimethyltryptamine). This chemical is released when we dream and upon death.

The pineal gland allows us to “see” things. It is considered the gateway to our spiritual connection. 

What is the third eye

More research is needed to prove the spiritual effects of this gland but it’s emotional effects have been proven in a 2016 study. It concluded that patients with schizophrenia have a smaller pineal gland volume. This "deviation in pineal gland morphology is not seen in those with mood disorders" such as bipolar disorder, and depression. This may be the reason that Schizophrenics "see things".

There is no scientific evidence that proves the spiritual connection of the third eye; then again I can’t think of one scientific evidence that proves ANY spiritual connection.
Therefore we have to go to the spiritual teachings of the mystics.


The pineal gland is considered the sixth chakra. For more information regarding the chakras and the medical proof that they exist click this link. The third eye chakra or ajna, the eastern terminology, allows us to see beyond the physical eyes; therefore it's associated with:

  • Intuition
  • Inner Knowing
  • Prophetic Visions
  • Divine Wisdom

Jesus said if the eye is clear the whole body will be full of light. In other words, when you can see with the eye of God you are truly enlightened. Seeing with the eye of God allows you to:

  • see people the way God sees them -healed and holy.
  • walk by faith and not by sight.
  • see things that are not, as though they were

As a dream interpreter, licensed minister and a therapist (not yet licensed), I rely heavily on my third eye to be able to see (Clairvoyance) and know (Claircognizant) in order to help the people that come to me.


Here are some practices to help stimulate your pineal gland.

1. Meditate -research has shown that people who meditate tend to have higher levels of melatonin than those who do not.

2. Candle Light Gazing - an ancient Yogi practice is to look at a candle flame for 1-3 minutes and then close your eyes and look at it's after image until it disappears. Do this several times. 

candle gazing for your third eye.

3.  Color Gazing - the color that represents the third eye chakra is indigo- a deep purple. Close your eyes and look at it with your third eye. That means to visualize the color and look at the space in between and slightly higher than your physical eyes. 

4. Darkness - Sleep in complete darkness and don't stare at the blue light on your phone when it's time to sleep. Remember the pineal gland produces melatonin when the environment is dark. This aids in quality sleep as well as better dreams. And common sense says that when it's producing melatonin on a cyclical basis it is functioning properly.

Whether you believe in the spiritual nature of the pineal gland or not, it is a real organ. It sits between the eyes and has retinal tissue. Ancient spiritual teachers have told us about it's spiritual significance and your church recognizes it and anoints it without realizing it. We all should take time to acknowledge the body, mind and spirit connection that is represented by this tiny little organ. 

Pineal Gland : How To Activate Your Third-Eye?

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