Using Your Dreams to Help You Manifest Your Goals

Using Your Dreams to Help You Manifest Your Goals

Hey Beautiful Person! We are going into the new year and many of us are thinking about our goals and what we want to manifest in our life. Did you know you can use your dreams to help you manifest specific goals into your waking life?

I've used these dream techniques for years to help my dreams influence my waking life and manifest my goals. This is my own unique approach that involves blending dreamwork, visualization, and intention-setting. Over the years the effectiveness has varied because I was experimenting with something I had not seen or heard anyone else do. So, test it out yourself, here are six general guidelines to help you use your dreams to manifest your goals in your waking life.

set clear intentions1. Set Clear Intentions Before Sleep: Clearly articulate your goal before going to bed. Write it down in your dream journal. Be specific about what you want to achieve or manifest in your waking life. This sets the stage for your subconscious mind to focus on the desired outcome and "comment" on your goal with symbols during the dream state.

2. Create A Symbolic Representation: Assign a symbolic representation to your goal and expect to see it in your dreams. When this symbol shows up in your dream, it will give you an understanding of what your deeper self thinks about the goal.
For instance: I stressed to my Subconscious mind that my goal should be seen as an airplane. About two weeks after expressing my goals in written and verbal format I had a dream about a plane crashing into the lake This was also the time that the plane crashed into the Hudson River. I wasn't sure if my dream was a premonition or if my Subconscious was telling me that my goal was going to fail. But it caused me to pause and check myself. I realized I wasn't as confident as I pretended to be. Without the confidence there was procrastination and that would lead to failure. Your goal could be represented by a newborn baby, climbing a mountain or reaching the top of a staircase.

3. Seek Guidance from Dream Characters: Engage with dream characters and seek guidance related to your goal. This can involve asking for advice or receiving insights from dream characters who represent mentors, guides, or aspects of yourself that possess relevant knowledge.
Of course, this means that you'll have to become somewhat lucid in your dream.

4. Practice Lucid Dreaming: Work on developing lucid dreaming skills, where you become aware that you are dreaming while in the dream state. In a lucid dream, you may have more control over the dream environment, allowing you to consciously talk with characters or even shape and influence the narrative to align with your goals.

dream journal5. Dream Journaling and Reflection: Keep a dream journal to document your experiences and any progress toward your goals in the waking world. Regularly review your dream journal to identify patterns, recurring symbols, or insights that may provide additional guidance or inspiration in your waking life.
I highly recommend the Dream Journal, Day Diary because you can keep track of your goals and your progress in one area of the book, the Day Diary area and you can turn it over for the Dream Journal and record your night dreams. This way all of your conscious and subconscious thoughts are in one book.

morning reflection6. Morning Reflection and Integration: When you wake, take a few moments to reflect on your dreams and the connections between your dream experiences and your waking-life goals. Consider how the dream insights can inform your actions, decisions, or mindset throughout the day.
Retain the positive emotions and reflect on any nagging emotions of any dreams that you can recall.  

Remember that the dream world operates on metaphors and sometimes abstract logic, and the translation of dream experiences to waking life may not always be straightforward. However, by feeding your desired goals into your dreams, you can potentially tap into the power of the subconscious mind to your help you manifest your waking-life goals.

If you need help interpreting any of your dreams feel free to reach out to me and schedule your one-on-one dream interpretation session.

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