Live Events & Podcasts


Lady T is available to give a workshop
entertain your attendees with one-on-one dream interpretations.

Workshop Topics:

Do You Know YOU?- You were sent from Heaven to Earth for a reason! This workshop can be delivered as a thought provoking 45 minute interactive workshop or an intensive 2 hour workshop.  Attendees will discover:
    • How to use your dreams to help you BE YOU!
    • Your personality type that's controlling your 80% of your behaviors
    • Ways to overcome your roadblocks and move forward in life
The 7 Spiritual Laws of Genesis- Right there, in the first chapter of Genesis is everything you need to live your BEST LIFE EVER and science actually backs up every Lathat's listed!  Your attendees will learn:
  • The Biblical and Scientific nature of the Law of Attraction
  • Proof that you were designed to be happy
  • How magick is all around us, even in the water!


Here I am helping a group of church leaders create their dream lives with a 4 hour Motivational Workshop and Vision Board Party! 

On-The-Spot Dream Interpretations 

To make your event even more memorable for your guests with a Dream Interpretation session! I will:

  • Mingle with guests and fascinate them with an on-the-spot dream interpretation


  • Have a seat and invite them over for a quick, fun private session

Either way it will be an experience they'll never forget!

A motivational women's workshop, followed by an All Night Pajama Party!

Don’t hesitate to contact me for availability or the investment amount. I train large corporate groups and I’ll sit at the kitchen table with you and a small group. Because I love what I do, I still reserve a few dates on my calendar to speak pro bono. Just ask.

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End of the Road podcast interview with Lady T

End of the Road Podcast episode 156 with Michael Kokal


A couple of chestnuts podcast


My son and his friend has a funny podcast -hence a couple of chestnuts. On their second the funniest comedian from Whose Line is It Anyway,  Colin Mochrie came on. Ad libbing as the Original Elf he told my son that his mom stole all of his Christmas gifts and hid them. Manny and Jonathan decided to interview me to find out the real story.  I played along. Fun interview.