10 Super Chill Things To Manifest in 2023

10 Super Chill Things To Manifest in 2023

February is almost over and this is the first time in over 20yrs that I did NOT sit down to write out the goals that I wanted to manifest in 2023.


I just wasn’t feeling it this New Year’s. Mainly because I’m still working on my desire of turning my Dream Interpretation business into a fully functional entity that supports my lifestyle. Why should I set any other goals when THIS has not fully manifested yet?

Another reason I didn’t set intentions to manifest anything in 2023 is because this Gregorian calendar is off. I’ve been feeling that more and more. The actual new year starts in the Spring! That’s when everything is NEW! I can FEEL that. I have always FELT that!


But I also know that intentions are everything and that there is an energetic pull to January 1st because the Masses are focused on it.

So what do I want to manifest in 2023 as I wait for the full manifestation of my business entity? 
What can I manifest in 2023 if I’m not feeling the urge to go hard but want to ride the Collective energy wave?

I hope this list inspires you:

10 Super Chill Things You Can Easily Manifest in 2023.

1. 🧠Good Mental Health🧠 -recognizing that not all thoughts are yours and quickly releasing those that don’t serve you.

2.  🛀🏾Time for Self-Love & Care🛀🏾 -taking the time to pamper, adore and please yo’ damn self!  

3.  🛌Quality Zzzz's🛌 -waking up like, “Huh? Who? What happened?” every morning. Bed head, nocturnal emissions and crusty eyes. BTW, this starts by going to sleep at a decent hour.

4.  🍆Consistent Happy Sex🍆 -getting stroked out on the regular 

5.  🧘🏾Spiritual Revolution 🧘🏾  -understanding your Divine nature more better

6.  🤣Daily Hardy Har-Hars🤣 - laughing with friends, with the tv or by yo' damn self just long as it’s done on the daily!

7. 💰Mo’Money💰 - raining on you, from out of nowhere, all the time!

8. ⚕️A Healthier Avatar ⚕️ - able to withstand the onslaught of viruses, bacteria, & toxicity

 9. 😁Friendlier People😁 - smiling and happy because you showed up. BTW, this starts with you being friendlier

10. 🤪Fun Adventures🤪 -if you’re traveling downtown, down south or down under may you have Adventures galore!

Feeling inspired? Which one do you choose to manifest is 2023?


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