Still Stuck In Your 2020 Rut?

Still Stuck In Your 2020 Rut?

You just KNEW that the words Happy New Year and the turn of  the calendar and the toss of the confetti was going to push you over the hump and start you in your way. 
Yet here we are, half way through February and you’re still in your 2020 Rut. Still unmotivated. Sputtering along. Every day is monotonous and predictable. Conversations with friends are boring. You feel disoriented and unimportant. Life is one big eye roll!



I get it! It’s not just you! With the daily dose of death, isolation and financial fears we have all been psychologically traumatized. This Pandemic has had negative impacts on our mental health.*

But here’s the truth of getting out of the 2020 rut: no one is coming to rescue you. There is no magic New Year day or political party or vaccine that’s going to bring you out of your 2020 rut. It is going to be you doing something REALLY simple yet very difficult.

You’re  going to have to CHANGE YOUR ROUTINE. 

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Right now you have a Stuck In A Rut routine, right? You’re going to have to push yourself into a different routine. The good thing if you do it for several days in a row-if you pedal really hard up out of your rut you’ll soon be on your way. 

BUT if you stop, if you slow down your momentum in the middle of your pedaling you have to start all over. So get a friend to hold you accountable or hire someone to help you push yourself through it. Just do it everyday until!

Here is a daily routine to help get you out of your 2020 rut.


Every a.m.
1. Review & journal your dreams

2. Sit up in bed and with a BIG smile (fake it, the body can’t tell the difference)  say out loud, “I call all of my energy, my talents, my gifts, & my passions back to me.” Breathe in, and repeat until you feel it.

3. “I release all negative energies, thoughts, abnormal cells, tumors, cysts, & masses from my body. Breathe out. Repeat until you feel it.

4. Ask, “How can I serve today? Or “What’s the agenda?” Repeat until you feel it.

You may not “hear” with your ears but trust YOUR Higher-Self heard.

5. Journal all impressions. Add activities to your to-do list from last night’s agenda and go with the flow of the day trusting that you are being lead.

6. Recite your affirmations or mantras

7. Drink 16oz of water -have it sitting on your nightstand ready. This is to get things circulating.

8. Make sure to get some exercise at some point during the day. This helps to keep things circulating.

9. Settle down for bed with a Bedtime Ritual.

10. Go to bed with gratitude, write out tomorrow’s agenda and ask, “How can I serve?”
Start back with #1.

After doing this for 3days you’ll find it easier to stay motivated and positive though out the day.


*If you’re dealing with the extreme effects of this pandemic (depression and/or excessive drug and alcohol use) please get professional help.


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