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A Music Playlist To Help You Sleep


My Spotify music playlist to help you sleep

You've put your phone away and turned off the tv but your STILL can't sleep! Your mind is racing. You're remembering the wrongs of the past and worrying about the problems of the future, AT THE SAME TIME!

You're preparing for a future argument-that you'll never have-and thinking about  that last argument and what you should have said, AT THE SAME TIME!

You're anticipating catastrophes, rehearsing dramas and building up such a frenzied mind storm that you just grab your phone/pills/drink, telling yourself, "I can't sleep!"

I can totally relate! 

I've never required more than 5 hours a night but with being the sole caretaker for my father who has dementia, having hormonal shifts, receiving spiritual downloads, (why in the middle of the night Jesus?!) and new life changes I find myself sleeping 3-4hrs. a night. If I'm awaken before then, I can NOT go back. So I've had to make some changes. If I can't sleep than I need to calm my brain! And that's why I created this playlist.

I’ve put together this playlist of music to shift my mood so that I can relax and wind down.

Shifting your mood, relaxing and winding down are steps to take so that you’ll move past your sleep issues and fall asleep faster. 

So I share this playlist with you!

If you have trouble sleeping incorporate music into your night time ritual. Music is a beautiful way to help you with your sleeping troubles. Also my sleepy music playlist is free and has no side effects! Unlike those sleeping pills.

Just click the link below.

My Spotify music playlist to help you sleep

Or listen right here:

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