Should Christians Burn Sage?

Should Christians Burn Sage?

Most Christians that I know struggle with the use of sage because it’s not in the Bible. They seem not to realize that Sage is not a plant native to that land; therefore, God DID NOT instruct His people (Jews) to burn Sage. However, in the Bible, God DID instruct his people to burn herbs during their spiritual practice. The herbs and resins that He told them to use were native to that land. As a matter of historical fact, many cultures around the world burned specific native plants as an incense during their spiritual rituals.

🍃So What Is Sage?🍃

One Christian woman I know was upset and ranted on and on about “these so-called Christians shouldn’t be burning sage! It’s demonic! That’s the stuff Satan uses to keep his fire burning and they will be burning with it!”

She was very passionate about something she had no knowledge of. And the people around her nodded and said, Amen. Wow!

WOW! That’s what we’re out here believing?



🍃🍃Sage is an evergreen shrub, part of the mint family. There are many varieties of sage.  Each type has its own sub-properties beyond culinary purposes. They have antimicrobial properties; which means they keep infectious bacteria, viruses, and fungi at bay. Many varieties also repel insects. One variety of sage-Salvia officinalis-is total deliciousness in cornbread dressing! 

White Sage


A study published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology discusses potential medical applications of burning Sage or smudging. After testing White Sage-Salvia Apiana-researchers found that the smoke (called “medicinal smoke” in the published journal) is able to completely eliminate diverse plant and human pathogenic bacteria of the air within confined space.

🍃Kills Bacteria and Germs

Because of its remarkable ability to clear pathogens in the air, researchers believe it holds promise as a pulmonary (respiratory) and dermatological (skin), antimicrobial agent.

🍃Purifies the Air

This can be very beneficial for those suffering with asthma, bronchitis or allergies! If you were to test this out (with your doctor’s approval) you would, of course, wait until the smoke cleared before entering a room that was smudged, as the smoke could be irritating to your respiratory condition.

It has been proven that smudging releases negative ions in the air and neutralizes positive ions. Examples of positive ions:

pet dander

Do you know what else neutralizes positive ions? Sunlight, Water, and that air purifier that you spent lots of money on.

🍃Helps you tune in spiritually 

Smudging or burning Sage has been used by indigenous healers and spiritual workers for hundreds of years as a way to connect in the spiritual realm. Amazingly, science has shown that when White Sage is burned it releases thujone. Thujone is mildly psychoactive. It is also found in many other plants that are used in cultural spiritual rituals as a way to enhance their spiritual intuition.

This is very powerful for those of us who like to sit still to hear God’s voice after prayer-meditation, or when focusing on intentions.

I wonder if any of the pharmaceutical companies will create a drug that will help enhance intuition, meditation or prayer? 

🍃Aids in mental awareness 

A study done in 2016 shows evidence of the cognitive-enhancing benefits of sage; specifically it has shown to have the potential to treat dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.  This same study also found that it improves concentration and helps to lifts one’s mood. The study requests that more research be done.

🍃Relieves depression and anxiety 

For those struggling with depression, anxiety, insomnia or stress, studies have shown that smudging can relieve all of these as well.

Go here for the study on depression and anxiety

Go here for the study on sage and stress



So burning sage is NOT demonic nor sinful. The minimal amount of research that has been done has shown that it supports our health-with it’s antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties. It supports our mind with it’s cognitive enhancing abilities. And it’s supports our spiritual practices with it’s mild psychoactive quality. That’s three levels of support-body, mind and spirit. And that was discovered with minimal research! More studies need to be done.

The Colonizers of the western world disregarded and demonized every culture they encountered. Without understanding the peoples, the languages nor the lands, they went to continents killing, stealing and destroying all in the name of their god. They pronounced all spiritual practices as demonic even while they themselves acted as savages, raping, murdering and plundering across the planet. As the “Victors” they told their story and we today recognize the story as historical facts. Our cultural beliefs, values, biases, and theologies are all influenced by these “facts”. This is the reason a grown woman will perpetuate the idea of a red, horned devil shoveling sage into a pit to burn up people.

🍃🍃My intentions with this article (and my podcast) is to provoke certain Christians to do the  research and examine WHY you  believe what you believe, before demonizing someone else’s practice. In many cases you’re simply regurgitating the beliefs of the xenophobic colonizer.🍃🍃

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Great article. I come from a indigenous background and during Bible study was called a Satanist for burning sage at home when my family prays. I tried to explain from the cultural aspect but he wasn’t hearing it. Thank you I needed to hear this


Wow I love this your so right it’s demonising things we know nothing about when we must study to show ourselves approved always so thank you for this showing the healing properties and expelling of bad air which makes sense, my prophet taught me that whatever is now in darkness first started in the light!


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