How to Cleanse Your Home Using Sound Vibration

How to Cleanse Your Home Using Sound Vibration

Vibrational sound cleansing is based on the scientific principle that sound waves travel through the air as energy vibrations and affects the energy patterns in the air. We know that ALL matter- EVERY object and EVERY living being emits its own unique energetic frequency. Click here to read my post on the science behind sound vibration and its ability to cleanse.

In this post I'm giving specific examples of how I cleanse my home with sound vibration.

To cleanse with sound vibration you can use, Tibetan Singing Bowls, tuning forks, chimes, or a bell. You can also clap, sing or even play spiritual music. Back in the day I would put the gospel song, Jesus Be a Fence Around Me, by Fred Hammond on repeat as I cleaned the house. Not only did it build my faith by giving me a visual of my protection, but it also acted as a prayer for my family and the frequency of the words and music cleansed my home. Check it out on Spotify here! It's guaranteed to lift your spirit.

Before starting the cleansing process:

set a clear intention for what you want to achieve. Whether it's to remove negativity, invite positivity, or simply restore balance, the power of intention will amplify the effectiveness of your sound cleansing.

set intentions before sound cleansing

Next declutter and tidy up

Yes prepare your space; a clean and organized space facilitates the flow of energy, making the sound cleansing more impactful. Open windows and let fresh air circulate to allow stagnant energy to escape.

declutter before sound cleansing

Finally, choose the proper cleansing tool

Cleansing with a solid brass bell is my personal preference, it leaves a crystal-clear energy field in a room. The quality of this energy will depend on the size of the bell, clarity of sound from the bell, and the kind of metal used. 


To cleanse your home with a bell:

  1. Start at the back of your house and ring a bell as you move through your entire space. Ring from the floor up to the ceiling. Make sure to include closets and corners.
  2. Move clockwise through each room starting and ending at the door. The vibrations break up stagnant energy and lift the general feel of the space in which you are working.
  3. Command the negative energy to leave and welcome in happiness, health and all positive energy.
  4. Move through each room in your house and once you make your way to the front door, open the door allowing negative energy to leave while welcoming positive energy to enter.

You should hold the bell lightly with a loose, relaxed hand, then:

Ring vigorously, thus creating a continuous ring.

Ring gently using a rhythmic pattern or strike the bell using a wooden stick. This gives you more control over the sound.

Personally, I like to use the rhythmic, Hear ye! Hear ye! pattern. Decide which method of ringing feels right for you.

tibetan singing bowl for sound cleansing

To cleanse your home with a singing bowl:

  1. Begin at the back of your house (space), hold the bowl in your weaker hand, and the wooden stick in your power hand. Tap clockwise around the rim of the bowl. Personally, I don't have a lot of success with singing bowls, I'm just regurgitating instructions. 
  2. Begin at the door and walk counterclockwise ending at the door.
  3. Do this in each room-don't forget the closets of the rooms- until you reach the front door. 
  4.  Open the door to allow negative energy to leave while welcoming positive energy to enter.

Another way to use the Tibetan singing bowls is to place the bowl on a soft surface in the center of each room and gently strike the wooden stick on the rim and drag around the rim if the bowl. Do this 4 times in each room allowing the vibrations to reach every corner of the room.

hand held chimes for sound cleansing

Hand-held chime bars  come in various sizes for different pitches. The sound can be made light or intense, depending on how you strike or shake them. They can fill a room with sound or be held in such a way as to direct the sound at a particular area.

The tone from a bell or chime will sound much clearer and last much longer after a space clearing is complete. If your mind needs proof of the effectiveness of space clearing, ring the bell before you start the clearing and again after you are complete. On each occasion, count the tone duration of the time it rings to clearly hear that the sound lasts longer after the space clearing.

The air will feel light and the vibration of the space will be high, soothing, energizing and balanced. People always tell me that my house feels extremely peaceful. It is almost palpable following a vibrational clearing session.

sound cleansing restores peace

Alternative Methods:

If you don't have any of these items clap your hands, from the floor to the ceiling, walking through the room counterclockwise. I also like using my voice. It's not melodious. Sadly, I don't have the gift of song, but as a professional speaker, I have come to recognize the power of my words to change the energy of a room. I have experienced this magical ability many times over the 19 years that I have given seminars and workshops.


Cleansing your home space using vibrational sound is a powerful and effective way to clear negative energies, restore balance, and create a serene sanctuary. By selecting the right tools, setting clear intentions, and mindfully moving through your space, you can create a harmonious environment that supports your well-being and uplifts your spirit. Regularly incorporating vibrational sound cleansing into your routine can help you maintain a positive, revitalized home space for a more balanced and peaceful life.


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