A Quick Way to Move Past Your Fear and Anxiety

A Quick Way to Move Past Your Fear and Anxiety

Many people deal with fear and anxiety due to the uncertainty of the time. One quick way to move past fear and anxiety is to see your emotions as an energy; now they become a key that teaches you where you need to grow, what you need to learn and what you can release.



For example,
 pursuing a degree may cause fear and anxiety for some adults. If thinking about going back to school starts your emotions to freaking out about how badly you did in high school, where you get a mild panicky feeling, you remember your algebra teacher and get angry, and then you remember taking tests and feelings of sadness kicks in, then ask these questions:


1. What’s the good that I can learn from this?
2. How did I grow from that?
3. What do I need to let go of?3 Question to move past fear & anxiety

You’re not going to always be able to answer all 3 questions. However it only takes answering one of them to move the emotional energy through you.



1. Now recite some affirmations centered around your answers.
2. Do a little dance, jog in place, or some kind of movement with a big smile at the same time. This keeps the negative energy moving
3. Stand tall and bounce on your heels 2-3 times as you proclaim your goal, “I am going back to school and I will be an excellent student!”

Viewing your emotions as an energy (and it i
s) means you can manipulate that energy & then move it out of your body. Moving fear and anxiety from your body is important for your mental sanity.

I would be remiss to give you the words from my attorney; always defer to your doctor before following the advice of ANYONE who is not a doctor, and Lady T is NOT a doctor.

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