Lottery Numbers in A Dream Brings $60 Million


Toronto, ON
– “My husband had a dream about some lottery numbers 20 years ago,” said Ontario’s newest multi-millionaire, Deng Pravatoudom of Toronto. Playing those numbers on her LOTTO MAXticket ultimately led Deng to win the $60 million jackpot from the Tuesday, December 1, 2020 draw.

lottery number dream 

Deng Pravatoudoma 57-year-old married mother of two adult children and two grandchildren, has been a regular lottery player, playing the same numbers for the last 20 years because the numbers came to her husband in a dream, one night.

It was that set of numbers that won her a Free Play that won the $60 million jackpot. “I left my temple after prayers, went to a nearby mall for some errands and to check my LOTTO MAX ticket. I won a Free Play ticket and added ENCORE. I couldn’t believe a few days later that free ticket would be worth $60 million!”



 The original article is from a Canadian press release.

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