Wait, What? You Don't Remember Your Dreams?



Michael* asked, Do you remember your dreams? As a dream interpreter people come to me all the time saying, "I don't remember my dreams!" If you’re one who can’t EVER remember your dreams here are some simple tips that you can use immediately to help you remember your dreams from the night before.


🛌  When you wake up DON’T MOVE. Lie still and ask the question, “what did I dream last night?” The trick is to lie still after hitting that alarm. Don't scroll through your phone!

🛌  DON'T THINK. Keep quiet mentally. Try not to let your brain run you with the chatter. You just left the mysterious, hazy, domain of DreamTime don't be in a rush to get back to the concrete world of Reality with mental morning chitchat. "What do I need to do today? Did I take out the trash last night? Did she ever text me back?"

🛌  Give yourself some time. DON’T GIVE UP! Stay there for at least 2mins. I know, 2 mins is a lot of time when you’re use to scrolling through your phone for the first 20mins of your day!😏 Do this for yourself. There is a lot of wisdom inside of you; when you pause to remember your dreams THAT’S what you’re trying to tap into.

🛌  When your dream starts surfacing from the Subconscious mind DON’T ADD JUDGEMENTS. Let the images float in without an analyzing dialogue. Avoid statements like, “That was weird.” “What was he doing in my dream? Maybe I should call him today!” Just observe the images.

🛌  Then grab your journal (or cell phone) and JOT DOWN YOUR DREAM, all that you remember. It's ok to write it even if it's incomplete,

"something about a grey dog" or, "I saw a kite in the blue sky." If you're one who never remember your dreams you may scribble notes like this for a couple of weeks before you finally capture an entire dream.

Using these 5 tips for just a few daywill absolutely give you better dream recall and over time you will be better able to remember your dream. 


Disclosure: The image of Michael Jackson has nothing to do with remembering your dreams. I'm a huge Michael Jackson fan and just wanted to see his face! This is from the video Do You Remember The Time.

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