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Faith Fire -Affirmation Candles

Faith Fire -Affirmation Candles

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Affirmation Candles,  Manifesting Candles, Intention Candles, Candle Magick

Since the beginning of time mankind has incorporated fire into their spiritual practices. Mainly because there was no electricity but even with the advent of electricity, candles were and are still being used around the world in churches, mosques, temples, and synagogues. They burn on makeshift home altars, Orthodox altars, in front of Catholic icons and presbyterian communion tables. 

Why Do We Use Affirming Candles To Manifest Our Desires?

  • The light is symbolic of dispelling the darkness.
  • The candle represents you or your desire, in its purest essence.
  • The words uttered over the candle before and during the lighting carries the frequency of your desire into the atmosphere.
  • The color of the candle is the symbolic expression of your intention.

These candles are great for:



Candle Magick

Sex Magick Candles


Prayer Work


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