About Me

Lady T

I am Teisha Shelby-Houston; an author, a  speaker, a mother of 5, a wife of 29 years and the Queen of my Universe!

Most people call me Lady T.

I’ve been blessed with invitations to host my own radio and television shows, I’ve spoken in 48 out of 50 states, I’ve spoken in many parts of the U.K. and I have been an invited guest on the Oprah show. 

Impressive huh? Am I perfect? Not by a long shot. 


I’ve always been considered the “weird” one of my family and among my peers. Really, I’m NOT, but I grew up on the south side of Chicago in the midst of drugs, gangs and violence and while many of my friends fell prey to this cleverly designed subculture, I was interested in dreams, astronomy, science, metaphysics, theology and Michael Jackson.

That doesn’t make me weird does it? Millions loved Michael Jackson.

Anyho, there was no place in the ghetto for those subjects; therefore, following through on those passions didn’t really happen until I was older; specifically after having children and homeschooling them.

I am a veteran homeschooler of 22 years. As homeschooler of 5 children (and sometimes more as I periodically taught other people’s children over the years), I loved encouraging these young minds to explore their dreams, teaching them how to lucid dream, how to stay in alignment with spirit, and how to observe the Divine Laws of the universe. The children truly helped me to grow and later many of these “trainings” would show up in the seminars that I give to corporate leaders, and entrepreneurs across the country!

However, I still found myself hesitating and limiting my knowledge. 

Why, you ask?

Because I was a church going Christian.

At the age of 19 I gave my life to Christ. At the age of 24 I married a young minister who eventually became a Pastor. I was steep into the traditions of the Church. As a First Lady and licensed Minister I counseled, preached, laid hands, organized conferences and ministered all within the structure of our organized denomination.

And, as usual, I was considered the “weird” one. Really, I wasn't. I just saw scripture differently. However, to keep the peace with my Pastor and to not embarrass my husband I tampered down considerably.

I studied in secret, I limited my conversations, I kept my mouth shut; I even started on my graduate degree at a very conservative, seminary in the South. 

Basically, I stifled my own spiritual growth to appease my religious environment. And God does not desire that for any of us. She is always calling us to grow and evolve, mentally, emotionally, financially and spiritually!

I felt that calling every day! I quickly dropped out of seminary and eventually I dropped out of church. I studied more deliberately, and I choose to consciously honor ALL of my spiritual gifts- gifts that lay dormant for decades! 

How is it that I have the gift of dream interpretation ALL of my life, but only allowed it to shine accidently, periodically, here and there? 

How is it that am a highly, intuitive Oracle with the ability to shift a person’s entire life’s perspective with a few words uttered to them and I hadn’t recognized that?

The church recognized me as a preacher and a minister and I functioned in that, but only in the way that it was allowed to be displayed. “Gifts” in most churches are only appreciated and considered “anointed” if presented in a particular way and with particular vernacular. 

I had to recognize that the Spirit of the Lord was on me to set free those who were prisoners in their minds, those who were blinded and oppressed by this world’s evils and to remind them of the good news-you can make heaven and earth connect within YOU, BECAUSE THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS IN YOU.

But in order to teach this, I must live this. EVERYDAY. EVERY Day I must shake off the oppression on this world, re-adjust my vision, renew my mind and be the Healer that I've been called to be. 


Heal their minds with:

Dream interpretation



Heal their bodies with:


Herbal Medicines

Ignite their Spirits with:

Prayer Work

Spiritual Self-Care

And so here I am doing my best to live my best Spiritual life!

Living so that Heaven and Earth connects within me. I pray this website-it’s blog posts, the videos, the products & services offered- will inspire you to live your best spiritual life too!

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