woman falling into a dream
You need a Dream Interpreter if you have had:
* A dream that left you pondering throughout the day,
* A recurring dream that you’re still trying to figure out, 
* A nightmare.

Your dream is your Subconscious Mind having a conversation with you about your life, your purpose, your health or your current situation? Don’t ignore it! Dream Interpreter, Lady T, will listen & help you interpret and understand the message in the dream, brought to you by your Subconscious Mind.

Your subconscious wants you to interpret the dream or else it wouldn’t have gone through the trouble of conjuring up the images to get the message to you.

Schedule a dream interpretation session with Lady T and talk it through! The message and the solution are in YOU but with Lady T's understanding of Jungian psychology, she’ll walk you through her 5 Points of Analysis and help you uncover and interpret the meaning of your nightdream. You’ll feel inspired and relieved when you realize the answers to any of your life’s situations are in YOU!

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A personal dream interpretation will help you:

      • Go beyond the traditional pat answers from the Dream Dictionaries.
      • Receive the insights, connection and courage, that you need to heal
      • Move forward in your decision-making process.
      • Overcome procrastination and unconscious fears that are holding you back from your soul’s true calling.
      • Interpret the symbols that Spirit has specifically sent you
      • Gather the bravery to take the next steps on your life’s journey
      • Discover whether your dream is a direct download from God or just your brain processing your fears

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