dreams are a mystery. 7 types dreams explained

7 Types of Night Dreams Explained

Hey there, Beautiful People! While there is no scientific evidence why we dream it's something that all mammals and some reptiles do. Who knows, maybe trees dream? Anyhow, as humans we've all experience a nightmare, daydream and several other types. In this post I want to break down for you the seven types of dreams that we encounter as humans.


DAYDREAM - Ever find yourself lost in a daydream, totally oblivious to the world around you? Yeah, that's your brain's way of saying, "I'm taking a little mental vacation!" These daydreams, powered by the brain's default mode network, are like your brain's version of Netflix binging. You've got your classic daydream categories: the escapist fantasies, the deep-in-thought ruminations, and of course, the Oscar-worthy visualizations.

Normal vs maladaptive daydreaming

FALSE AWAKENINGS -Ever wake up, rub your eyes, go to the bathroom and think you're ready to seize the day? Then, surprise, you realize you're still in the bed in dream realm. These tricky false-awakening dreams are like a dream-within-a-dream rollercoaster. They're the dream equivalent of that moment when you're absolutely convinced you had your keys are in your hand when you walked out the door, but nope, they're still chilling on the kitchen counter. 

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Seven types of dreams false awakening

HEALING - Ever dream you had the magical ability to heal others or you had a supernatural power like telepathy? You're like the Dr. Strange of dreamland, spreading supernatural TLC. Healing dreams can bring feelings of balance and reconciliation. They can help you facilitate a sense of peace or purpose through your unconscious mind. You might not wake up with actual telepathy, but when you wake you definitely feel a warm, fuzzy sense of goodwill.

7 types of dreams superhero

LUCID - In lucid dreams, you're the star of the show! You're the Spielberg of your dream world, calling the shots and choosing to hang out with the fire-breathing dragons. Lucid dreams are like your brain's way of handing you the remote control and saying, "Go wild!" You make decisions, sometimes before you even go to bed, about what's going to happen in the dream. Who needs reality when you can have a pet dragon, right?

7 types of dreams lucid

NIGHTMARES - We all hate these! Nightmares are like your brain's twisted horror movie. It's your brain's charming way of working through the stress of the day. It could also be a medication that you're taking. Or you could blame it on the pizza you scarfed down before bed or your brain's quirky sense of humor, but those nightmares can leave you clutching your blankets and begging for a dawn rescue.

7 types of dreams nightmares

PROPHETIC - Apparently some of us have a brain that moonlights as a fortune teller while we're trying to catch those Zs. It's like your subconscious is saying, "Hey, want a sneak peek?"  Whether you're actually predicting the future or just got lucky with your dream roulette is something for scientist to debate. But for those of us who have had a number of experiences, we're not waiting for science to confirm.

RECURRING - Last but not least, we have the recurring dreams. Your brain's like, "Hey, remember that thing we haven't quite figured out yet? Let's dream about it again and again!" These recurring dreams are like your brain's way of sending you persistent voicemails. Maybe you've got some unresolved business or maybe your brain just likes playing the greatest hits – who knows?

So, there you have it, seven types of dreams. Science can't explain why we dream but I'm kinda glad that my brain doesn't just shut down at night. It is programmed to help me process my life and in the most entertaining, quirky and mysterious ways. 

If you need help analyzing a dream, please schedule a session with me. 

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