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Heaven and Earth Connect

Dream Journal & Day Diary

Dream Journal & Day Diary

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This is the first book of its kind; a combination dream journal and day diary that lets you capture your Conscious & Subconscious thoughts all in one place. Your Conscious and Subconscious Minds must align in order to reach your goals.

Your dreams speak to you about waking life. Your waking life influences your dreams. In this journal you will write out your dreams, nightmares and premonitions in your Dream Journal then flip the book over to capture your goals, intentions and daily activities in your Day Diary. As you periodically review your writings you be amazed at how quickly you will release fears, gain insights, and receive solutions.

By using your Dream Journal and Day Diary you are allowing the collaboration of your Lower & Higher Selves and this will unleash the flow of creativity, wisdom and self-knowledge like nothing else!

You might not write in it every day but by starting on this journey of merging the Minds you will:
  • Receive direction and insights that will allow you to accomplish your goals
  • Become more confident as you better understand yourself
  • Recognize important themes and patterns in your life
  • Learn to love and work with yourself to eliminate self-sabotaging behaviors
  • Receive creative ideas and solutions to life's problems

Here's why connecting the Conscious and Subconscious is so important: Everyday you make rational and deliberate intention in your Conscious mind. "I'm going to start on that project tomorrow." But your Subconscious controls 90% of your behaviors and you continue to put the project off. Consciously you excuse yourself and brag to others, I always wait util the last minute, because I work well under pressure."

One night you dream about a bear with a tutu and a clown sitting at your desk working on your project. If you had journaled & reflected on that dream you would have recognized that it was your Subconscious saying, "I'll play along if you make this boring project more fun." If you don't recognize that dream, you'll probably continue to procrastinate and then bang out that boring project when your back is against the wall.

Whether you've been tracking dreams and journaling for years or you're a novice you'll appreciate this one-of-a-kind book.
  • Night dreams and daily activities are all in one place
  • 6x9 inches makes this a perfect size to for your nightstand and easy to toss in a bag when traveling
  • There's plenty of writing space. The 160 pages are faintly lined so you can draw symbols, images or write bigger whenever you need.
  • Border framed pages that beautifully separates the Dream Journal from the Day Diary
  • Available in both hard and soft back formats

This Dream Journal and Day Diary is a great gift for adolescents to adults, male or female. An essential journaling tool for anyone looking to understand themselves and their life better and accomplish more.

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