I'm Listening - Tell Me What's Going On

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Friends are great and best friends are even better!  But sometimes you have a story that you can't even tell your best friend!

  • You may need to SAY it out loud to be cleansed of it.
  • Maybe you want to say it out loud to practice saying it to someone's face
  • Perhaps you just need a listening ear and a prayer.
  • It could be that you need to say it to an objective person, who doesn't know you, and promises not to interrupt or give their thoughts.
  • OR it could be that you need to say it to an objective person, who doesn't know you and you WANT their thoughts. 

An entire hour is devoted to hearing your story. No need to travel, dress up or tell me anything about yourself.

You can ugly cry, 'fess up, cuss up a storm and talk about everybody AND they momma. No judgment. No advice...unless you request it.


Teisha Shelby-Houston is a Licensed minister, Phd Metaphysical Therapist Student, Certified Coach, and a Mother of 5 who knows how to keep a secret and shut up when necessary.



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