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Writing Wands

Writing Wands

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Writing pens, manifesting pen, magic pen, handmade glitter pen

We all understand the power of writing out our dreams and the things we want to manifest, but having a designated, anointed Writing Wand, a utensil that is used solely for one purpose is SUPREME!

Ways to use your handmade, Reiki charged writing pen

Use your Money Writing Wand to write your:

  • Money Goals
  • Checks
  • Business Plans
  • Household budget

Use your Manifesting Writing Wand to write your:

  • Life goals
  • To Do list
  • Heart's desires
  • Requests to the Universe
  • Directions to your future self
  • Love letters to your Soul Mate

Keep your Dreams Writing Wand on the nightstand to quickly write in your:

  • Dream Journal
  • Day Diary

Why should you have a writing pen that's set aside for a singular purpose?

Have you recognized that whenever you sit down to write out your money or manifesting goals  you are usually in an emotional state of of anticipation, joy, faith, and expectation?

That's exactly where you need to be emotionally to align with the Law of Attraction. Now grab your brightly colored, sparkly writing pen it becomes your stimulus. Do this a few times and you will find that your emotional state of anticipation and the muscle memory recall will immediately put you in a physiological  state of receiving. This means that everytime you pick your Writing Wand to make a request, or clarify your goals it will manifest for you almost immediately. It will feel  like magic.

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